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Domestic Wastewater Management Plan (DWMP)


APRIL 2012 - A $58 annual levy on unsewered properties in Manningham, to fund the Domestic Wastewater Management Plan, was REJECTED at the Manningham Council meeting held in March.  The DWMP will continue with funding by Manningham Council.


Manningham Council are considering an increase in rates for all unsewered properties in Manningham. 

Their plan is to levy a charge of $58 per annum on 4652 properties to raise $270,681 each year.  If you have a septic tank, then you will incur this charge in addition to your existing system running costs and rates.

These funds will then be applied to the ongoing resourcing of the Domestic Wastewater Management Plan (or DWMP).  The result will be the costs to continue the implementation of the plan are covered, including funding an employee, vehicle, water sampling etc.

We support the enforcement efforts of Council to implement the DWMP.  Their work in the last year or so has meant that 3207 of 4652 systems were inspected; of those 3207 inspected 73% failed.  Since then 1848 have been rectified, a great result, even though many of us had to pay for those repairs.   These enforcement efforts will substantially improve the water quality in Mullm Mullum Creek, something program is monitoring.

What we do not support is the application of a special rate to maintain the DWMP.  The residents of Mullum Mullum Ward already pay significant and increasing rates to the Manningham Council, only to see those funds spent predominantly in the other wards on facilities we can’t access.

The Council has failed on 3 previous occasions (2003, 2006 and 2009) to financially support such a program.  Now they want to randomly apply a user pays solution on a select group of Mullum Mullum Ward residents, whilst funding fully a whole range of facilities and services to which our Residents have no access.

Improving the water quality of the Mullum Mullum Creek has long been a responsibility of Manningham Council.  They should now step forward and fulfil their responsibility, without placing a financial penalty upon the Residents of Mullum Mullum Ward.

If you agree then please email your ward Councillors', the Mayor and the CFO immediately.  The Council is writing the 2012/2013 budget now (this charge is included), and will vote on a motion to apply this additional rate at the next meeting in 2 weeks.  Speak up of pay the money!

Mayor Geoff Gough

CFO Rob Spargo

Mullum Mullum Ward Councillors:

Meg Downie

David Ellis

Graeme Macmillan

A copy of the DWMP can be found on the Manningham web site here