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Heads Road Precinct Traffic Management - "It's time the rat runners were put back on the main arterials roads where they belong"

Residents in Heads, Lookover and Oban Roads have experienced exponential growth in traffic volumes over the past 5 to 10 years.  The combination of noise, pollution, aggressive behaviour and safety has sadly driven some residents to sell up and move out of the area due to the lack of appropriate action by successive councils.
This isn't a situation Donvale residents should be expected to tolerate given the majority of the cars travelling on these roads are using them as a shortcut to bypass traffic congestion on the main arterial roads, or to avoid paying the tolls placed on the Eastlink Tunnel.
The Manningham Council has setup various consultation groups over the past few years to try and find a solution that meets the needs of the residents and the council.  Unfortunately the Council's position appears to only be based on the risk of litigation and therefore focused on reducing the excessive speed of some motorists and not the high volume of cars and trucks which is the primary concern of residents.
In Oban speed humps have been constructed over the past 18 months which has greatly reduced the volume of cars on that road, but unfortunately it has also frustrated many local residents who have no choice but to use the road everyday to access schools and other services in North Ringwood.  Surely there has to be a better way to solve this issue than to replace one problem with another one?
If you are concerned about this issue and would like to see some action taken then we encourage you to contact your local councillors to discuss.  Click here for more details.
If you have any comments you can email them to us at
Accident on Heads Road
Crash Heads Road
Accident Heads Road 2011

The table below shows the traffic volumes recorded on Heads and surrounding roads between 2001 and March 2009.   Feedback from Council indicates they believe this data shows a significant reduction in the volume of traffic and only speed remains the issue to resolve.   But unfortunately the March 2009 measurements were taken over a long weekend when the traffic count would clearly have been lower than normal... Since the latter half of 2009 local residents have noted that volumes have started to increase again.