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Donvale Ratepayers Association > Make your Councillors Listen (archived 25-03-2010)  

Make Your Councillors Listen


Our local Donvale Councillors, Meg Downie, Graeme MacMilan and David Ellis need to be made aware that many residents are strongly opposed to the
proposed developments to the Whitefriars Monastery site by the Coptic Church.

So far our requests to hold a public meeting at a time when most residents are available has fallen on deaf ears and Councillor Meg Downie has insisted this
meeting be held on Wednesday 27th January, 2010, at 6PM in function rooms 1 & 2 at the Council offices in Doncaster Road.  This is unfortunately a time
when many residents will be away on school holidays enjoying time with their children.

Despite repeated requests from residents to delay the meeting by only one 1 week, Councillor Downie has chosen this date to
“work around the diaries of the councillors and Bishop Suriel from the Coptic Church”.  This is clearly a sign residents interests are not being taken seriously. 

They have also failed to respond to repeated requests to explain why this meeting is being rushed and not delayed until February when residents are
more likely to be available?

If you are concerned about these events then we encourage you to attend the public meeting to voice your concerns, or contact
your local councillors so they are aware residents do not appreciate being treated in this manner:

Meg Downie -
Graeme MacMillan -
David Ellis -

Further details of your local councillors can be found on the Manningham City Council website (see below)