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Mathews Sub-Division Application



Proposal to Rezone and Subdivide Land at 112-126 Old Warrandyte Road & 35 Illawong Drive, Donvale

On 3 May 2011, Council considered the Panel's Report on Amendment C83 to the Manningham Planning Scheme and resolved to adopt the amendment.  The Amendment has been forwarded to the Minister for Planning for approval.

On 14 December 2010, Council considered submissions on the proposed amendment and resolved to seek the appointment of an independent Panel to consider the Amendment.


Mullum Residents Group

Who are we?
The Mullum Residents Group was formed in 1999 and represents approx.130 Households bordering the Illawong Drive / Mullum Drive / Berrima Road Region as a response to concerns over the proposed subdivision change of 50 acres zoned for minimum 1 acre land owned by the Mathews family to high density housing. This property is situated between Old Warrandyte Rd, Illawong Drive and Berrima Rd, along the Mullum Mullum Creek, bordering the GREEN WEDGE.

So what happened?
Thanks to effective lobbying of Manningham City councillors the motion to change the subdivision to high density housing was defeated in Council on 25th Sept 2007.

What are the latest developments?
Despite the above Council decision, at the September 2009 council meeting, the Mathews family again made application for exhibition of the new Amendment (C83) AND at the same time seek a planning permit to allow for 56 new high density residential properties on the farm. The current council has stated it is under no obligation to uphold the decision of past council’s.

Why does fighting this again in 2010 affect all residents of Donvale, Park Orchards and the surrounding area?
Should this application for Amendment (C83) be accepted by council, all of us in the area who enjoy the amenity and character of living in what is arguably one of the most beautiful and serene parts of Melbourne, whether on acreage or not, risk losing the lifestyle we all so currently enjoy.
In short it puts at risk:

  • Character of the entire area as it gradually gets carved up by development
  • Will act as a precedent for further high density subdivision of parcels of land within our region that are currently zoned LDRZ.
  • Most certainly increased traffic congestion through the entire area
  • Effect local fauna, both with less grazing area, but more significantly with the increased danger of road trauma, effecting both animal and human life.

Where are we at currently?
The application for Amendment (C83) is currently on exhibition for public comment to the Manningham City Council.
All Manningham residents then have until October 29 to make submission to the council before the council votes on whether this is to be:

  • Again abandoned
  • Referred to a state appointed panel for investigation
  • Or depending upon the number and relevance of objections / submissions… voted in as a successful application.

On this matter there is NO recourse to VCAT, council’s word is final.

What can you do to fight this?
Please take time to submit to council even just a short letter expressing your concerns over the proposed carving up of the Mathews farm into high density housing to the Manningham Councillors. Please note deadline date is 29 October.  As we have shown before, with people power the councillors will listen and we can defeat this!  If we lose the fight here, the next fight may be right next to you.

All submissions should be made in writing and sent to:

Teresa Dominik
Manager Economic and Environmental Planning
Manningham City Council
PO Box 1, Doncaster Vic 3108
(and don’t forget to cc ALL councillors!)

Please feel free to contact us should you have any questions:

Below: Sub-division plan and aerial photograph.  Click on the images to expland.

Click here for larger image

Click here for larger image