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On Luck Nursing Home Development

On Luck expansion: deputy mayor's involvement draws flak
Manningham’s Planning Scheme does not allow nursing home developments in the Green Wedge. Despite this, the On Luck Nursing Home was recently granted permission to expand their facility in the GW zone in Tindal’s Road to three times the size.

This means changing Manningham’s Planning Scheme, but this application did not go before Council. The applicants - Chinese Community Social Services Centre Inc.- went straight to the state Planning Minister. As noted in the Manningham Leader this week:

...Scandal emerged when some councillors raised concern about Deputy Mayor Fred Chua’s conflicting role as councillor, chairman of the nursing home and as president of CCSSC. He is also the husband of On Luck’s Chief Executive.
Council was in recess when the application went to the Minister (early January). No word to the Council. No word to the community who would normally be extensively consulted for such a major planning issue.

Some of your present councillors think this is quite acceptable. Others see this as a worrying precedent for the Green Wedge, and a serious breach of process.

This is not about the need for nursing homes. It is about integrity in government. This will be debated at the next Council Meeting, 7pm Tuesday March 30, Council Chambers, Doncaster.

You are welcome to attend and see how your councillors vote.
- Cr. David Ellis, Warrandyte.  Enquiries: 9844 5135


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